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WRMO : Woodrat Mountain

State: Oregon  Country: USA  
Comments: 1

Datatype (Units)Period of
ExtremaSHEF Code
Temperature Data
Air Temperature (Dry Bulb) (Deg-F)2002-2014InstantaneousRadioTAIRRZZBZD
Air Temperature (Dry Bulb) (Deg-F)2014-2016InstantaneousUnknownTAIRZZZAZD
Wind Data
Wind, Direction (Tens of Degrees)2002-2014InstantaneousRadioUDIRRZZBZD
Wind, Direction (Tens of Degrees)2014-2016InstantaneousUnknownUDIRZZZAZD
Wind, Speed (MI/HR)2002-2014InstantaneousRadioUSIRRZZBZD
Wind, Speed (MI/HR)2014-2016InstantaneousUnknownUSIRZZZAZD
Generation and Generator Data
Battery Voltage (Volts)2002-2004InstantaneousRadioVBIRRZZBZD

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